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[sample]     Sony Media Software  Joe Vitale Organ Donor         ACID WAV  link  1CD
a library packed with vintage Hammond B-3 organ loops for making funk, blues, and rock tracks.
[sample]     Mutekki Media   Dance Ultra Voice Vol.1        ACID WAV  link  1CD
Mehr als 500 WAV Dateien verschiedenster Vocals & Vocal FX Samples von 105 bis 140 Bpm stehen zur freien Verfugung. Uber 600 MB hochwertige Hooklines, Adlibs und mit Effekten versehene Gesangsparts bieten Abwechslung und lassen viel Raum fur die eigene Kreativitat
[sample]     Discovery Firm   Tuva Khoomei     Acid Wav Rex2   link  1CD
(Presented in both 44.1 kHz/16-bit and 96 kHz/24-bit formats.)
[sample]     Gmedia   Acoustic Swing And Shuffle Grooves       Aiff WAV  link  1CD
[sample]     Big Fish Audio Rich Mendelson Phatter Phunkier   Vol.1,2         AKAI   link  2CD
(The long-awaited follow-up to Rich Mendelson's Phat & Phunky is finally here! This critically acclaimed producer of Freaky Jazzy Funky has done it again, and done it right! This set breaks out with 3 )
[sample]     E-MU Systems Sound Library Vol 13 Dance 2000    [E-MU]  1CD
(The CD is loaded with great professional samples right from E-MU. It has a large assortment of synths, bass, synth-bass, dance organs, lead synths, vocals, percussion, loops, hits, stabs, funky guita)
[sample]     Big Fish Audio Soul City      WAV REX AiFF AppleLoops     link  1DVD
[sample]     Sonic Foundry   Infinite Soul II        ACID WAV   1CD
(Percussions and drum samples from sonic foundry (wav/acid format)
[e-Book]     mac pro video logic videos part 1 enviorment and mastering 
(from macvideo pro the first set of videos for logic going over the mastering of all aspects of logic arrange page and also mastering the enviorment)
[e-Book]     Recording & Mastering Techniques      PDF   link  1CD           
(Recording and Audio Production Ebooks)
[sample]     Nicebyte Studioline Bass Attack        AKAI   1CD
(1 CD ROM - 540 MB - 97 Programs - AKAI S1000 Format)
[sample]     BigFishAudio Hardcore Breakbeat Action Acidized        ACID WAV  link  1CD
(Tuff Breakbeat Loops/Hits bpm 127-170 with the bulk between 130-145)
[sample]     Pit Bull   Jungle Loops      AKAI  1CD
(jungle loops of fast tempos in akai format.perfect for scoring tools for your akai sampler...)
[sample]     Beats Whole Beats & Nothing But the Beats  Vol.1,2       CDDA   link  2CD-Set
(enormous collection of the finest vintage and modern beats that will fit into any production. From Hip Hop to Rock and everything in between, Old School, New School, Industrial to R&B,)
[sample]     The Electronic Garden 24-BIT Bass Spaces: DS404,EXS,Kontakt,HALion,NNXT 1DVD
( (601 24-bit samples, over 66 Instruments [CM 94]))
[sample]     Sonic Foundry Futurist Drum n Bass       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(Acid Drum & Bass Samples, Bass, Drum&Percussion, FX, Keys, One shot)
[sample]     Big Fish Audio     Titanium Rhythms         CDDA   link  1CD
(Sample library with twisted and distorted fx, mainly machines. Awesome for IDM and industrial. Very Good!)
[sample]     Best Service   Dance Mega Add-On Grooves        AKAI   link    1CD
(Includes over 1400 Add-On/drum machine and real percussion, synthetic grooves, FX-drum loops, Disco and House grooves without Bass Drums. All grooves are exactly tuned and sorted into bpm groups.)
[sample]     Best Service    Dance Mega Drum Kits        AKAI   link    1CD
(HipHop, RnB, new RnB, Rap, Soul, Funk, Real Drum-Kits, Ballades, House, Disco, 2Step, Techno, Pop, Drummachines, 70`s Kits, 80`s Kits, Percussion Kits... )
[sample]     Big Fish Audio    Off The Hook 2          WAV  link  1CD
(If you need quick access to layers of radio-ready urban R&B tracks, there's a mini mountain of gold to mine on these four discs." - Keyboard Magazine)
[sample]     Ultimate Orchestral Percussion Linrary  Vol.1,2,3      ReFill  link  1CD
(pretty nice collection of orch perc stuff for reason)
[sample]     Ueberschall    NU Metal           WAV  link  1CD
(Samples and Loops Nu Metalk style in wav format.)
[sample]     Vintage TimeTraveller      AKAI   link    1CD
( vintage keyboard sounds from the 60s, 70s and 80s, classic synth, organ and electric piano sounds)
[VSTi]        Best Service Artist Grooves VSTi AU HYBRiD DVDR - DELiRiUM     1DVD
(Original drum grooves & fills from Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff and Mel Gaynor.)
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]         East & West QLSO Platinum Percussion Pro XP      link   2 DVD
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]         East & West QLSO Platinum Strings Pro XP      link   7 DVD

[SUPER HIT] [e-Book]     DMTS Inside Logic Pro 7.1 Tutorial DVD     Video    link  1DVD

[SFX]          Sound Ideas  Larger Than Life          CDDA   link  5CD-Set
The Larger Than Life SFX Series. The Larger Than Life SFX Library is an astounding collection of awesome sound effects. We're talking BIG - explosions, gunfire, thunder, horror, crashes, bangs, ...and much more! Created by Sound Dogs, one of Hollywood's most elite production teams, these sound clips are undiluted and full strength.

[SUPER HIT] [e-Book]     Charles Dye Mix It Like A Record Pro Tools Sessions   Video  link 1DVD
These are the Pro Tools session files to go with the videos Charles Dye Mix It Like A Record Pro Tools Sessions
[sample]     BigFishAudio   Nu Jazz City        AIFF/Apple Loops/REX/WAV    link  1DVD
(25 four to sixteen bar construction kits for Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Sax, Trumpet in wav, rex, and Apple Loops format. Pc and Mac compatible)
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]         Best Service Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials      link  5DVD-Set
[audioappz]        Creamare   Plugins          link    1CD
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]     EW QL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Pro XP  FULL ISO  link 5DVD-Set

[sample]        Zero-G   PRO PACK FOR GARAGEBAND        Loop Aiff   link    2DVD-Set
Brass Elements - 283 loops, Breakbeat 2 - 114 loops, Electric Dreamz - 148 loops , House & Garage Construction - 110 loops  ...
[sample]    Big Fish Audio Things That Go Bump In The Night Vol 1&2      [AKAI]   link  2CD-Set
(Film and TV composers are bound to find plenty of fodder in Things That Bo Bump for sci-fi soundtracks. Techno and trip-hop artists and dance remixers will have a field day." - Keyboard Magazine)
[sample]    ModernBeats   Platinum Rhythmz 1           ACID/WAV          link        1CD
ModernBeats   Platinum Rhythmz 2           ACID/WAV          link        1CD
(The first of a huge collection of professional "radio-ready" drum loops. Mixed & engineered to perfection, Vol.1 features 400 blazin' modern hip hop rhythmz!... Vol.2. ModernBeats creates yet another ground-breaking loop library packed with the hottest rhythmz to grace modern hip hop production...)
[sample]    KORG PROPHECY  - NRG  -      AKAI    1CD
[sample]    ZERO-G   Nu House - Hard House & Nu NRG           [multiformat]   link  1CD
[sample]    Rarefaction  A Poke In The Ear With A Sharp Stick       AKAI   link  1CD
[sample]          2rAw - Fx In Time           Refil  WAV ACID  link 1CD
(from power fx ..lot's of fx , refill + acid wave)
[sample]        Ueberschall  Jam Box       AKAI   link  1CD
(This is a house sample collection produced by Mousse T with great loops, licks and other nice stuff!!)
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]          IK Multimedia Sampletank v2.1 XL Instruments       link  2DVD-Set
[sample]     P5 Audio.Com  -   Killer Keys Vol 1 + Vol 2   +bonus     [multiformat]    link  1CD
(Killer Keys Volume 1,2 consists of over 200 piano, organ, and bell licks. These licks are everything you need to produce your next hit. They represent the hottest styles in Hip Hop and R&B... format: acid pro, Kontakt, Battery, Reason, nn-xt, Halion, EXS-24, Ableton live and more)
[sample]     Zero-G  K-Klass          WAV  link  1CD
Techno/dance samples and construction kits.
[sample]     Syntaur SCD-4 Keith Emerson Signatur Series        ENSONIQ    link  1CD
(Ensoniq SCD-4 "Keith Emerson" Signature Series.  The classic synth and organ sounds from Emerson.)
[sample]     Sony Media Software   Platinum Theory Hip Hop        ACID WAV  link  1CD
(hip-hop samples.)
[sample]     Beta Monkey Drum Werks Volume III        ACID WAV  link  1CD
(Beta Monkey Drum Werks Volume III: Drum Loops for Blues and Bluesy Rock -  very nice drum loops)
[sample]     Various - Beatz Diffusion        WAV  link  1CD
(A special sample compilation by some of the World's finest drummers!)
[sample]     EXS24  - WIZOO KIT    Drums    24 bit - 44.1 kHz - stereo [EXS24]  link  1CD
Jazz Brush Kit, Latin Kit, Ambience Kit, Soul Kit, Funk Kit  + bonus: VSTi  Emagic Exs24 ver.1.6, ExsManager13XLSetup - менеджер для каталогизации банков звуков на HDD.
[VSTi]         Linplug RM IV VSTi v4.1.2 -H2O - Plus KITS   End Version + FULL ISO   link  1DVD
[MAC]        East West - Symphonic Choirs OSX Installer.iso.rar   donload here link
Standalone, AU, VST & RTAS installers without the library. "Select Custom Install" - requested by birbilis

[sample]     Ilio  Synclavier Keys and Guitar        AKAI   link  1CD
[sample]     ZeroG  DH v2.0 Deep House        CDDA   link  1CD
(Classic House and Garage loops from the masters - 'deep house v2.0' offers around 1000 of the newest, freshest breaks, loops and samples for your music.)
[sample]     Orchestral Family Vol.1          [Roland S7xx]     link  1CD
[sample]     Orchestral Family Vol.2          [Roland S7xx]     link  1CD
[sample]        2rAw - New World Order 1       multiformat    link  1CD
[sample]        2rAw - New World Order 2       multiformat    link  1CD
(Etnich techno stuff..sounds really good, multiformat.)
[sample]     Pro Sample 14  World Grooves     [Aiff, EXS24,Wav]    link 1CD
[sample]     Big Fish Audio   Kitsch 70s        AKAI   link  1CD
[sample]     The Monolake Collection         link  1CD
(Collection of ambient samples from the producer Monolake)
[sample]     East West   Dance Industrial 1        AKAI   link  1CD
[sample]     East West   Dance Industrial 2        AKAI   link  1CD
[sample]     Hiphopcrib    Eastcoast        [Refill]    link  1CD
(Keyboards Instruments and Voice sounds for NN-XT (presets and samples))
[sample]     IK Multimedia    House Party        ACID WAV  link  1CD
Dance/Techno sick construction kits!
[sample]     Creative Essentials Vol.4    Dance Vocals        ACID WAV  link  1CD
[sample]     Superloops  Neo Break Beats        CDDA   link  1CD
(state-of-the-art production combined with percussive wizardry)
[sample]     Masterbits  Analogue Age        ACID WAV  link  1CD
(Multi Sampled Vintage Synth Sounds Wav)
[e-Book]      Russ.Longs.Guide.To.Nashville.Recording.XviD      Video Tutorial         1CD  link
Уроки режиссуры, сведения и записи от Лонга (нашего российского чувака) вышли на диске CD - Video Tutorial. Наши поздравления!
[sample]      Band In A Box 2006    02   Bonus 16-Pak    ISO  1CD
[sample]      OrchWinds          [Roland S7xx]     1CD
(Samples for samplers Roland S7xx, Orchestral winds vol.1)
[sample]      SuperSax          [Roland S7xx]     1CD
(Sample for samplers Roland S7xx, Super sax)
[audioappz]   Sony Vegas v6.0c + Keygen    donload here   link  1CD
[sample]      Beta Monkey   Natural Grooves        ACID WAV  link  1CD
(over 1200 natural drums and loops)
[sample]      Roland  JP8000         E-MU    link  1CD
(SampleCD - A sound emulation of the Roland JP8000 )
[sample]     Ueberschall   Techno Trance Essentials       AKAI   link  1CD
[SFX]       NEW  from    Sound Ideas   GUNS        [WAV]   link  3CD-Set
The Guns sound effect collection from Sound Ideas offers a varied selection of pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and automatic weapons of many different calibers.
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Big Fish Audio  Discrete Drums - Professional Set   24 Bit/AIFF  link 10CD-Set
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]      
Yellow Tools   Majestic     FULL ISO   4 DVD
  WIN , MAC  installer  &  update 1.7 donload here
[SUPER HIT] [sample]    FXpansion BFD Deluxe Collection    FULL ISO   5 DVD
[sample]     Sonic Mayhem - Rex Noize Loops        [ReFill]     1CD
(Rex files, 10 redrumkits,subtractor files, rns files and acid soundwaves for bonus)
[sample]     Bigga Giggas  -  The Rain Piano
      GIG  link  1CD
(Beautiful piano sample CD)
[sample]     Vienna Horizon   Epic Horns
      Giga, EXS24 mk II, Kontakt, HALion  link  1DVD
(largest all-horn ensemble ever created in the history of sampling)
[sample]     Access Virus      AKAI    1CD
[sample]    Miroslav Vitous Percussion and Harp
      ACID WAV  link  1CD
(a good misc of acoustics sounds)
[sample]    Zero-G     Funk Bass       AKAI   link  2CD-Set
( 2 CD-ROM collection of loops instantly usable for the latest styles including Rap, Jazz, Soul, Dub, Garage, Techno and Indie, but it is also a unique reference of classic Bass sounds from Motown to Meltdown)

[sample]    Didgeridoo and Other Primitive Instruments
       [AKAI]     1CD
[audioappz]   Wusik.com   WusikStation VSTi v2.1.4.    1CD
[sample]    Mick Fleetwood  Total Drumming wav loops       link  1CD
[sample]    SampleLab Luscious GROOVES     Multiformat   3CD-Set
(300 24-bit drum and percussion breaks. This library doesn't really fit very well within any specific style, so hip hop producers are as likely to benefit from this library as house 'choon'-smiths or t)
[sample]    Peter Ewers Symphonic Organ
      GIG  link  1CD
(Massive And Wonderful Sounding Cathedral Organ In GIGA Format)
[sample]    Ded Good Music Library    Minimalism
      CDDA   link  2CD-Set
[sample]    Sonic Foundry  Infinite Soul I
      ACID WAV   1CD
(Percussions and drum samples from sonic foundry)
[sample]    Sonic Foundry   Phat Trax XXL       ACID WAV   1CD
(Put some real backbone under your rhymes with this all-in-one Hip-Hop workshop. Phat beats and basses, solid instrument riffs, turntable scratches, a folder full of MC announcements, and everything el)
[sample]    Loopmasters   Drum and Bass Producer      MULTiFORMAT   1CD
[sample]    Mutekki Media  Dance Ultra Voice Vol.1
      ACID WAV  link  1CD
[sample]    ACID Sonic Foundry QLoops  Dark Ambient Soundscapes Pandoras Toolbox
   WAV 1CD
(Add the perfect degree of strange to your audio production with the dark side of sampling-Dark Ambient Soundscapes)
[sample]    Discovery Firm Okinawan Tradition     Acid Battery Rex2 Wav      link  1CD
History and culture... this collection features the traditional instruments of Okinawa, including its folk songs and Hayashi (shouts).
[sample]    Sony   Electronic Point-Blank
      ACID WAV  link  1CD
Electronic Point-Blank collection, an unparalleled construction kit aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music.
[sample]    Sony Sound Acid Zero Gravity Beats      ACID WAV 1CD
[sample]    Samplists Guide to Jazz Drums
      CDDA   1CD
(The history of Jazz beats from New Orleans to today played and demonstrated by Ralph Peterson. This CD-ROM includes WAV files organized into folders based on style and tempo. There are also a large va)
[sample]    M-Audio Pro-Sessions Vol.12 Electro Crash     WAV AIFF REX       1CD
(vintage analog sounds, loops and effects for electronic music)
[sample]    Old School Drum Kits
       [AKAI]    1CD
[sample]    P5Audio    Rhode Rage Licks Vol.1.      link  1CD
[sample]    Masterbits     Sex Trax           MULTiFORMAT    Audio/WAV/AIF/MP3  link  1CD
[sample]    Best Service    Orient Odysee
      CDDA  1CD

SagLoops  Bally Sagoo Vol.2       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(more indian perc & drum loops for punjabi hiphop styles)
[SUPER HIT] [audioappz]   SoundQuest MidiQuest 9.1 XL includes ALL INSTRUMENTS    ISO 1CD
(WIN universal editor/librarian - standalone, VST - www.squest.com)
[audioappz]    AudioEase Altiverb Impulse Responses 24bit 48Khz  WAV Imp  800 mb 1CD
( 800 mb высококачественных импульсов )

[MAC]          Native Instruments   Guitar Rig 2.01     FULL ISO  Ver:2.01       1CD
[PC VSTi]      Native Instruments   Guitar Rig 2.01    FULL ISO  Ver:2.01        1CD
[sample]   [SFX]       Syndrome Ink - 5000 Sound Effects -     [AIFF]   link  7CD-Set
Звуковые эффекты для удобства разложенны по типам в соответсвующие папки. Формат звуков AIFF подходит как для PC так и для MAC. Over 5000 assorted 44.1kHz sound effects divided into 50 categories:
[SUPER HIT] [sample]    
Vengeance   Essential House       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(HERE IT IS!!!! Latest Sample CD from Vengeance. Over 2400 fresh house loops & samples!)
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Pro Sessions 24  Antonio Dilillo Signature Electro Patterns Vol. 1  link 1DVD
24 bit electro industrial loops - wav - rex2 - midi -  Acid / 24-bit WAV / REX2 / MIDI Files  PC/MAC
[SUPER HIT] [sample]    Ultimate Plugin Preset Collection 9-2005     link  1CD
Грандиознейшая коллекция пресетов для плагин, VSTi, синтезаторов семплеров.

[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]      Yellow Tools  Candy       FULL ISO  1 DVD DL(8,5Gb)
  WIN , MAC  installer  &  update 1.7   incl. crack
[sample]    Rubber Chicken Software Sample Bank    ENSONIQ  link  1CD
Sony   New York Dance       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(The New York Dance disc contains a perfect blend of contemporary dance music styles, including big beat, house, deep house, electro, jungle, and more)
[sample]    Sonic Foundry   NY Dance 1 & 2 Acid loops       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(funky urban-house loops)
[sample]    Sample Arena 5 Drum - Box  Oneshotsamples       ACID WAV SF2  1CD
(sample arena 5, features ethno, fill, funky, hardcore, hiphop, house, industrial, jazz, jungle, rock, trance, vinyl and lots more samples. all one shot samples. wav format)
[sample]    Xtreme   Dance & HipHop       ACID WAV   1CD
(hot loop collection)
[sample]    Sabian Cymbal Sample Library 1       ACID WAV   1CD
(nice cymbal samples)
[sample]    EastWest    Field Of Motion        [AKAI]   link 1CD
(A collection of wild, and strange loops & hits)
[sample]    Sony Media Software  Chicago Fire A Dance Music Anthology   ACID WAV 5CD-Set
[sample]    Soundscan Vol.16. Bossa Brazil        [AKAI]   link 1CD
(Straight from Brazil, this SOUNDSCAN™ is a superb “bossa” compendium. The drums & percussions, guitar and bass were performed together but sampled separately, for maximum flexibility...)
[sample]    Ded Dood Music Library Maximum Damage    CDDA   link 1 CD
(Industrious slab of dirty guitars, skiping breakbeats and whirring noises. Tough stuff)
[sample]    Sony Media Headstrong Grooves        ACID WAV   1CD
(A modern electronica dance music construction kit in the popular UK garage and 2-step styles.)
[sample]    Cyclick - Platinum Samples - The Funk Collection       ACID WAV  link  1CD
(Funky WAV kits in different keys and tempos with Drum/Bass/Piano/Guitar/Percussion loops.)
[sample]    Best Service  Festa Latina Vol 1-3       ACID WAV  link  3CD-Set
Best Service  XX-Large 800 PROduction Effect        [AKAI]    1CD
[e-Book Video]     Digital Music Doctor Cubase SX 3 Know It All Tutorial         1CD
(The Cubase SX 3 course Requested)
[sample]    Big Fish Audio  2rAw  Drummers of   Motown      REX/Refill/WAV/Acid  link  1CD
[sample]    Bigga Giggas Jacaranda Acoustic Guitar
      GIG  link  1CD
(Pristine quality acoutic guitar inc midi templates and GSP perf presets)
[sample]    Pro Samples Vol 18: Steinway Grand Piano      [Aiff, EXS24,Wav]   link 1CD
[sample]    Sony Media  Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats      ACID WAV  link  1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #1 CD01: Dance + Techno         eJay acid wav   link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #1 CD02: Drum&Base+Ethno+House    eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #1 CD03: Grunge + Industrial + Pop       eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #1 CD04: Hip Hop + Trip Hop + Reggae   eJay acid wav  link 1CD

[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #2 CD05: Dance + Techno         eJay acid wav   link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #2 CD06: Drum&Base + Ethno + House  eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #2 CD07: Grunge + Pop         eJay acid wav   link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #2 CD08: TripHop+Reggae+Industrial+HipHop eJay acid wav
                                                                                                                                                 link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #3 CD09: Dance + Techno + Big Beat    eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #3 CD10: Deep House + Disco House + French House +
                                                      Progressive House + Vocal House    eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #3 CD11: HipHop + Reggae + TripHop   eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #3 CD12: Ambient & Drum&Bass        eJay acid wav  link 1CD

[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #4 CD13: Hard Trans + Techno + Trance  eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #4 CD14: Garage+Progressive+TechHouse         eJay acid wav                                                                                                                                                   link 1CD
[sample]    eJay Sound Collection #4 CD15: Chillout + Dance + Latin       eJay acid wav  link 1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample]    Loopmaster   Soulful House Sessions     multiformat    link  1DVD
(Soulful house samples (EXS24/NNXT/Halion/Kontakt/REX2/Wav))
[SUPER HIT] [audioappz]     Adobe Audition v2.0       FULL ISO  (700mb)  1CD
[SUPER HIT] [audioappz]     Guitar Pro 5        FULL ISO  1CD
(Tablature editor for guitar, bass ....)
[audioappz]     Perfect Space Convolution Reverb        FULL ISO Version   link 1CD
incl. Manual, banks more preset, impulses, plugins
[sample]        Black 2 Black Killer Vox Vocals 2         Aiff   link 1CD
[sample]        Soundscan 63  Balkanish Tradition  
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
(UltimateSoundBank Soundscan 63 Balkanish Tradition great variety of music styles, faithfully recorded and broken down in construction kits)
[sample]        Soundart  Cymbals & HiHats        Aiff   link 1CD
(Awesome hi end sample CD. Partner to Acoustic Drums)
[sample]        Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra Set AKAI  
       link 5CD-Set
[sample]        Alien Guitar    CD1  
     [AKAI]  1CD
(Bizarre guitar samples & loops)
[sample]        Alien Guitar    CD2  
     [AKAI]   1CD
(requested Loops, sound design, exotic textures & pads, atmospheres, drones and more. )
[sample]        Primesounds Session Strings      EXS24 HALiON KONTAKT   2CD-Set
(cool urban strings)
[sample]        Best Service  Orchestral Colors  
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
A Peter Siedlaczek collection of hits, finales, passages, layers, and atmospheres.
[sample]        Pro Samples Vol 03: Percussive Loops 
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
[sample]        Pro Samples Vol 03: Percussive Loops        [Aiff, EXS24,Wav]   link 1CD
[sample]        Pro Samples Vol 30: World Instruments (Ethno World) 
   [AKAI]   link 1CD
[sample]        Pro Samples Vol 30: World Instruments (Ethno World)     [Aiff, EXS24,Wav]  link 1CD
[sample]        Sony Electrocution
      WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
(The Best of electro-hop, darkside, big beat and intelligent industrial music.)
[sample]       VSL  Horizon Series   Mallets
      GIG  link  1DVD
(the best sounding mallets around in giga format)
[sample]       Caribbean Killers   Time Space
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
(from long time ago. Grooves from The West-Indies.)
[sample]       Mike Pinder  Mellotron
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
("Definitive source for getting the Mellotron sound on your sampler")
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.1  Popular Instrument 1 
     [AKAI]   1CD
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.2  Pop Instruments 1 
     [AKAI]   1CD
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.3  Classical Instruments 1 
     [AKAI]   1CD
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.4  Pop Instruments 2 
     [AKAI]   1CD
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.5  Classical Instruments 2 
     [AKAI]   1CD
[sample]        InVision Interactive   Lightware vol.6  Assorted Instruments 
     [AKAI]   1CD
(This is a library of orchestral string, brass, woodwind, percussion, and keyboard samples. )
[sample]        Sony  Euro Techno-Ground Loops      ACID/WAV  link  1CD
(Collection of rave-ready beats, percussion, synths, pads, and arpeggios.)
[SUPER HIT] [sample]         Big Fish Audio   Indian Traditions   
      REX2 / WAV   link 1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample] 
      Ilio   Phat Fingers      [AKAI]   link 1CD
В мире стоит 200$ у нас копейки   (Hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills.)
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Big Fish Audio Freaky Jazzy Funky   MIDI Files/Audio/ACID/WAV link 3CD-Set
(Construction kits, drumloops, fills & sounds, bass loops, riffs & sounds, percussion loops & sounds, guitar, trumpet, trombone, flute, synths & more)
[SUPER HIT] [sample] 
      Big Fish Audio  Celtic Instruments 1&2       GIG  link  2CD-Set
В мире стоит 300$ у нас копейки
[SUPER HIT] [sample] 
      Sonic Implants  AtsiaWest African Dancing Drums       GIG  link  1CD
В мире стоит 180$ у нас копейки
[sample]       Ueberschall  Drum & Bass   Flash Trackz
     [AKAI]   link 1CD
[sample]       Voice Crystal  The Digital Kitchen NOISE LOOPS II
    CDDA  link 1CD
[sample]       Astral Ambience MUSEUM OF SYNTHESIZER TECHNOLOGY
    CDDA  link 1CD
[VSTi] Native Instruments Reaktor v5.1.0   + Reaktor v5.1 Addon  +  v5.1 Update FULL 1CD
      Syntaur   Let There Be Phat       ENSONIQ   link 1CD
instruments and loops designed explicitly for hip-hop, R&B, and rap productions
[SUPER HIT] [sample] 
 Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin Sample Library  Kontakt 2 link 1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample] 
   Kirk Hunter Symphony Orchestra Emerald      Kontakt 2 link 2DVD
Ueberschall   Groove Shadows    CDDA    link 1CD
[sample]       Best Service  Vocal Elements
      WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[audioappz]      Computer Music Special Edition Ableton Live 5     PC/MAC  1CD
[sample]       Zero-G   George Clinton 
    Mixman(AIFF)   link 1CD
      Arturia  Brass      ISO   link 1CD
[sample]       Mega Loopz  GB    
for Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live (AIFF)    link 1CD
740 Loops (650 MB) for Apple Logic Pro 7, Apple Logic Express7, Apple Garage Band, Ableton Live (PC / MAC). The synthetic produced Loops are categorized to Drums + Synths.
Loopmasters  Afro Latin Producer   Reason/EXS24/HALion/Kontakt/REX/WAV link 1CD
[sample]       The Art Of Transwaves
   Ensoniq    link 1CD
G Force   On the Rhodes    SF2,WAV    link 1CD
[sample]       Post Audio Media   Estonia Acoustic Grand
   GIG    link 1CD
 [VSTi]    Magix Soundpool DVD Collection v11.0     Wav/ACID  link 1DVD DL(8.5GB)
На диске более 8 гигабайт   звуков и лупов для любой музыки. Ambient, Film Music, Pop, Rock, HipHop, House, Dance, Tecno, ... .
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]         Zero-G  Outer Limits    VSTi DXi RTAS   PC/MAC  link 1DVD
[SUPER HIT] [VSTi]+[sample]    Steinberg Hypersonic XXL v1.12.808 ISO FULL      link 1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Quantum Leap  56 Stratocaster    GIG  link 1DVD
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Best Service Blazin RnB and HipHop Collection Vol.1  [multiformat] link 1DVD
[sample]       Sony Loops & Samples Libraries Sci-Fi Tribal By Rapoon      WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[sample]       M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol 19 Underground Sound System    Acid Aiff Rex2  link 1CD
(Underground Sound System packs the power to move the dance floor. )
[e-Book]  + [sample]       Jazz Piano Master Class - Miles Black       link 1CD
[sample]     Vintaudio Ultimate Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Library 24bit   GIG3   PC/MAC  link 2DVD
[SUPER HIT]   [VSTi]       Cakewalk Dimension Pro     VSTi.DXi.AU. PC/MAC   link 2DVD
[e-Book]  + [sample]       PGMusic Oscar Peterson Multimedia       link 1CD
[sample]       Back In Time Supersonic Real Estates Vol.1  Hilldale      [AKAI]   link 1CD
[sample]       Big Fish Audio  Click       WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[sample]       Bangin Beats Chop Chop Series Butta Beatz     Akai MPC/ Wav   link 1CD
[sample]       Sony Sound Series   Bass Taster       WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[sample]       Doru Malia Super Drums 8000      WAV/ Acid/ Refil   link 1CD
[sample]       [SFX]     Dosch Sounds       WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
'Dosch Sounds' includes more than 200 different sound-effects for the use in movies, broadcast, video, presentation, computer-games etc.
[sample]        Zero G   Interface Dance        [CDDA]   link 1CD
[sample]        African Dreams  Volume.1      [GIG]     1CD
Странные и удивительные инструменты, голоса и действия, создающие глубокие картины первобытных эмоций.  
[sample]        Neo Soul - The new sound of Hip Hop and R&B CD3      WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[sample]        Neo Soul - The new sound of Hip Hop and R&B CD4      WAV/ Acid   link 1CD
[sample]        East West   Flamenco Sounds      [GIG]   link 1CD
East West's Flamenco guitars, percs, and vocals in gig format
[sample]        Reason Refill:   Jungle Theorem 1,2  &   Jungle Tools Vol.01    [Rfl]    1CD
[SFX]       Sound Ideas:  Series 2000 Sound Effects Library      link    22CD-Set
Ambiences, Crowds, Automobiles, Fire Engine & Police Sirens, Hand Guns, Police Station Ambiences, Rain, Swimming Pools, Traffic , Telephones, Horses, Trains, Restaurants, Fairs, Crowds , Airplanes, Animals, Applause, Crowds, Laughter , Door Bells, Broadcast News, Sports & Weather, Birds, Buses, Cameras, Automobile Skids, Squeals & Crashes, Demolition Sounds , Children, Clocks , Chainsaws, Construction , Dentist Sounds, Doors, Explosions, Fire & Fireworks, Guns, Arcades, Fairs & Roller Coasters , Footsteps - Stone, Concrete, Pavement, Dirt, Grass, Hardwood, Leaves, Linoleum, Metal, Sand , Footsteps - Sand, Snow, Water, Wood, Metal & Garbage, Farm & Tractor Sounds, Babies, Punches , Helicopters, Hospitals, Squeaks, Sirens, Alarms , Household & Industrial Sounds , Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Lawn Trimmers & Mowers , Boats, Marine Sounds, Newsroom & Office Sounds , Musical & Percussion Instruments, Whistles, Noisemakers , Thunder, Bar & Restaurant Ambiences, Soda Fountains , Space Sounds, Shopping Malls, Stores , Sports, Military Tanks, Cannons & Battles , Traffic, Trucks , Water, Zippers

[SUPER HIT]   [VSTi]     Uberschall    Liquid Instrument Guitar      FULL  ISO   link 1DVD
[sample]            Uberschall    Techno Trance Essentials      [AKAI]   link 1CD
[sample]    [SFX]     Hollywood Edge  Martial Arts And Human Impacts   [AudioCD]  link 1CD
[sample]        NinjaTune Raphael Corderdos Trumpet Riffs Vinylrip    [CDDA]    1CD
[sample]        PMI   Piano Magic Bundle      24bit   [multiformat]       link  6 DVD
[audioappz]     Sound Food     link 1CD
instrument samples no sn and no code needed
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   Cut'n It Up 3          [CD1,2 - Audio]  link  2CD
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   Cut'n It Up 2          [CD1,2 - Audio]  link  2CD
[sample]        Nicebeats Synthline  Microwave         [AKAI]  link 1CD
[sample]        Nicebeats Synthline  Proteus               [AKAI]  link 1CD
[sample]        Nicebeats Synthline  Supernova          [AKAI]  link 1CD
[sample]        Nicebeats Synthline  Waldorf Q          [AKAI]  link 1CD
[sample]        Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop    ( WAV/ Acid )     link 1CD
[sample]        Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats    ( WAV/ Acid )     link 1CD
[sample]        Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths    ( WAV/ Acid )     link 1CD
[sample]        Dance Mega Drums 2          [AKAI]  link 1CD
(Great Samples for Producers of House Music!!)
[sample]        General   MIDI  Library  Giga       ISO    GIG    link 1CD
(Nemesys Soundware good general midi library for GigaSampler)
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   Rotation       ( AIFF/AppleLoops/REX/WAV)     link 1DVD
[sample]        Zippo Kits      [AKAI]   1CD
(drumkit multisamples /rap/acoustic/electronic)
[sample]        Sonicstop    Chameleon Drums                   [all multiformat]    link 1CD
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   G-Force Drums       ( WAV/ Acid )    link 1CD
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   Platinum Essentials     ( WAV/ Acid )     link 1CD
[sample]        Hip Hop   Progressions                             [all multiformat]    link 1CD
[sample]        Loopmasters    Drum & Bass Producers        [all multiformat]    link 1CD
[audioappz]     6000 Files Midi Karaoke Multilanguage      1CD
(here 6000 midi files karaoke from any language)
[SUPER HIT] !!! [sample]        Best Service  Advanced Orchestra Extended       [EXS/Halion]    link   2DVD
Рекомендуем !    У Peter Siedlaczeks всегда было лучшее качество звуков, вспомните его библиотеки AKAI sample. Теперь всё это собрано и выпущено в компьютерном мультиформате.
[SUPER HIT]    [VSTi]         Best Service  Chris Hein Horns   Vol.1     VSTi   PC/MAC   link 1DVD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]     Emagic X-treme Hipster HipHop Sound Library     EXS-24/WAV   link  2CD-Set
[sample]     Drums on Demand  Volume 4: Country & Crossover    24bit      ACID/WAV  link 1CD

[sample]     Drums on Demand  Volume 5: Ballads & Slow Grooves     24bit   ACID/WAV  link  2CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample]    Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar       link  2DVD-Set
(Format: Kontakt2 NEW! , GigaStudio®3.0 / 2..0   PDF  , includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 sample)
[sample]     Propellerheads    Reason Drum Kits v2         [Refill]  link 1DVD
[sample]     Propellerheads    Reason Drum Kits             [Refill]  link 1DVD
[sample]     Sampletekk  Vertikal The Piano Alternative   24BiT   GS3  FULL ISO   link   2DVD-Set
Waldorf Microwave XT New Patches       Kontakt/ACID/WAV    1CD
Masterbits   Techno Therapy       ACID/WAV  link 1CD
[audioappz]     AT&T Labs Natural Voices 1.4 Alberto 16K     1.4    ISO    link    1CD
[audioappz]     AT&T Labs Natural Voices 1.4 Claire 16K     1.4    ISO    link    1CD
[SFX]       The Music Bakery:  27th Dimension Sound Effects     [CD1-4]     link    4CD
[SUPER HIT]    [VSTi]     Native Instruments Bandstand    VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRID  link 1DVD
[sample]     Magix Soundpool  DVD Collection v11.0        ACID/WAV  link 1DVD
[sample]     Thomas Penton - Essential Drums & Percussion 24bit Vol.1      ACID/WAV  link 1CD
[audioappz]        Sbornik:   Steinberg Nuendo v3.2.0.1128 MERRY.XMAS-H2O
   + Nuendo DTS Encoder    ( ALL FULL END VERSION)        1CD
[audioappz]       FL Studio 5 & 6    Video Tutorials      ISO       1CD
[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Big Fish Audio   Jazz Quartet Sample  DVD   Wav,Rex,AppleLoops  link 1DVD
(4,5gb jazz sounds and loops. The sophisticated, satisfying sounds of piano, bass, drums and guitar, come together in perfect harmony).
[audioappz]       Cara 2.2 Plus  Power Pack      ISO    link     1CD
(CARA is a very advanced computer program for computing and optimizing Room Acoustics of arbitrary rooms. )
[SFX]       Audio Pro Sound Effects Yannick Chevalier Household Clocks Tools       PDF ADDON 1CD
[audioappz]        Reaktor User Library Samplers and sequencers Addons  FULL ISO 900mb    1CD
(  900mb N.I Reaktor v5 User Library Complete Samplers & Sequencers Add-ons.)
[sample]        The Love & Pop String Thing            CDDA/WAV    link     1CD
String ensemble sample cd with breakdowns of how each track was done-Beatle-esque
[sample]        Big Fish Audio   Guitar Studio              ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]    [VSTi]     Steinberg  Hypersonic 2         ISO      1DVD

[SUPER HIT] [sample]   Equipped Music - Loungin House   [Wav,Aiff,Rex2]  link PDF ADDON 1DVD
4 gb loops & samples 24bit. This is the ultimate House groove toolbox for any Stylus RMX & Reason user! dance floor beats hypnotic and seductive grooves of Loungin’ House, mixed with sexy latin style percussion, lush chords, samples and more.
       Bill Laswell  -  Ambient Grooves           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
Blends instrumental sounds from all points of the globe.
[sample]        Bill Laswell:   Volume I      False Encryptions   ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]        Bill Laswell:   Volume II     Undocument            ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]        Bill Laswell:   Volume III    Letter of Law         ACID/WAV    link     1CD
       Discovery Firm   Sound Spiral              Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm    Didgeridoo                Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm   Vinylism                      Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm   Techno Lama             Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm   Neo Groove                Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm   Breakbeat Ammo      Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
[sample]        Discovery Firm   Alma Flamenco          Acid/Wav/Rex2     link     1CD
Steinberg Voice Machine VST          OS9/OSX/ Tiger     link     1CD
Still Greatest Vocoding-Harmonizing Suite. Now for OSX (works in Tiger 10.4.3)
   [sample]    Sony Media:    Drums from the Big Room      ACID/WAV    link   1DVD
(24-bit multitrack drum
, drum loop performance from sony.)
       Ugly Remnants   Vol.1            ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]        Ugly Remnants   Vol.2            ACID/WAV    link     1CD
       Zero-G   Skinned            ACID/WAV    link     1CD
       Big Fish Audio   The Hybridizer            CDDA/ACID/WAV    link     4CD-Set
  Native Instruments Reaktor v5.0.0.7   End Version    Incl.KeyGen         link     1CD
[audioappz]     NI Reaktor v5 User Library Synthesizers Vol: 1,2,3 + Reaktor User Libr. 2005.11.  1DVD
      Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar acid loop CD1           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]        Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar acid loop CD2           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
(acoustic guitar performances by sony loops)
  AT&T Labs' Natural Voices - Rich 16k    1.4    ISO    link    1CD
      Sound Ideas:  The International Sound Effects Library Animals        link    3CD-Set
        Jade Hill:   Rock/Pop Guitars                ACID/WAV    link     1CD
(the Rock/Pop Guitars collection from sony)
+   [VSTi]     Synthogy   IVORY        link    10DVD-Set
       Uberschall Techno Identity   1,2        [AKAI]     link    2CD
(Akai Techno Loops And Hits Samples)
[sample]         East West   Scoring Tools                  [AKAI]     link    1CD
(East West Scoring Tools --- Orchestral Samples!!!)
        ProSamples Vol 36    Chillout             [AKAI]     link    1CD
        Terminalhead - Underfire - Vol.1        [AKAI]     link    1CD
[sample]         Terminalhead - Underfire - Vol.2        [AKAI]     link    1CD
[sample]         Ubiquity   Jaw Breaks         [CDDA]         link    1CD
(Raw, unadulterated, super-rare breakbeats from the '70s for DJs and producers)
[sample]       Killer Hertz I            [CDDA]         link    1CD
[sample]       Killer Hertz II           [CDDA]        link    1CD
[sample]       Killer Hertz III          [CDDA]        link    1CD
[sample]       Killer Hertz IV          [CDDA]        link    1CD
[sample]       Midimark   Powerhouse Vol.1             [Ensoniq]         link    1CD
[sample]       Midimark   Powerhouse Vol.2             [Ensoniq]         link    1CD
[sample]    Optical Media Reflective Art The Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library   [Ensoniq]  link 1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 01: Synths 1                                 link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 02: Synths 2                                 link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 03: Rhythm Section                    link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 04: Pianos & Organs                  link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 05: Symphonic                             link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 06: OmniSoundz GM                   link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 07: Reality Drums                         link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 08: Monster Drums                               link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 09: Vintage Drums                                 link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 10: Instruments of the 60's & 70's       link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 11: Retro Keys                                       link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 12: Acoustic Folk                                  link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 13: World Percussion                           link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 14: Ethnic Instruments                          link    1CD
[sample]       Sonic Refills Vol. 15: Film Orchestra                                  link    1CD
[SUPER HIT]        PG Music   Band in a box 2006 Megapak + Band-In-A-Box Stuff      link    1CD
[SUPER HIT]        PG Music   Band-In-A-Box 2006   ADDON 23-Pak                               link    1CD
[SUPER HIT]        PG Music   Band-In-A-Box 2006   ADDON 16-Pak                               link    1CD
[SUPER HIT]        PG Music   Band-In-A-Box 2006   ADDON 11-Pak                               link    4CD-Set
[SUPER HIT]    [SFX]       Sound Ideas 11000  Sports Sound Effects Library       link    5CD-Set
Sound Ideas.  The Series 11,000 Sports Sound Effects Library. The Sports Series offers extreme closeups of individual hits, impacts and catches, full competitive game action recorded at the sidelines, and the sounds of spectators, crowds and stadiums in a wide selection of sports activities.
[sample]       Uebeschall     Easy  Listening        [CDDA]     link    1CD
[sample]       Uebeschall     1st contact               [AKAI]     link    1CD
[sample]       Sony Media Software   Numina II      ACID/WAV     link        1CD
[sample]   MAC      Zero-G     World Pack For Garage Band          link       2DVD-Set
[SUPER HIT]         Golden Ears    Audio Eartraining          link        9CD-Set
[audioappz]   Waves GTR Guitar Tool Rack v1.0 -H2O  +  NI Guitar Rig 2  -H2O   сборник    1СD
[SUPER HIT]    [VSTi]     Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2       FULL ISO     link    1CD
[SUPER HIT]    [sample]   Ueberschall     URBAN JOINTZ        [multiformat]   link    1DVD
(Multiformat, Apple Loops, Acid, Rex2, Wav, Aif  - [хипхоперы только взгляните на коробку])
[sample]   Studio Cat   Purrrfect Drums       [GIG-multiformat]   link    1DVD
(acoustic drum sample library for use with GigaStudio or HALion)
[sample]      Big Fish Audio   African Secret                      ACID/WAV    link    1CD
[sample]      Big Fish Audio   Sound Palette Hip Hop       ACID/WAV    link    1CD
[sample]      Sony Media Software  The Electro Set      ACID/WAV    link    1CD
[sample]      Sonic Foundry  Classic Country                    ACID/WAV    link    1CD
(All the Country with none of the incest. This great collection is no longer offered, shame because of GREAT mandolins, banjo, acoustic guitars, bass etc)
[sample]      Big Fish Audio   Jazz / World       NNXT/EXS/HALion/Kont/REX/WAV    link  1CD
[SUPER HIT]    [SFX]     Sound Ideas 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library    link   link2   10CDSet
The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library
The Twentieth Century Fox Corporation has authorized a special agreement with Sound Ideas to make available a collection of outstanding sound effects from their Editorial Department. This 10 CD library has been digitally remastered and boasts over 1,350 sound clips representing years of legendary motion picture history.

[SUPER HIT]    [VSTi]     Big Fish Audio   Prosonus The Orchestral Collection         link   1CD
[sample]   Best Service    Ethno World Vol.3   UPGRADE     [GIG]      link   1DVD
       Lexicon   Impulses Collection         1CD
Lexicon 480, 960, LXP 15,MPX 500, PCM 70, PCM 80, PCM 90 & PCM 91 impulses

[SUPER HIT]   [VSTi]   Native Instruments  Traktor   DJ Studio 3   FULL ISO  + update  link   1CD
(Finally a proper Traktor 3 propz to H2O & delerium! (PC non-hybrid))
[audioappz]      Sound Quest  XL Instruments Definitions       link   1CD
(Самая грандиозная коллекция рулилок любых синтезаторов и патчей к ним 
Instruments Definitions for Sound Quest XL)

[SUPER HIT]      [audioappz]       Master Writer    with serial and crack included       link   1CD
(Beautiful software for writing lyrics, inludes a full rhyming dictionary, etc.)
[sample]   Big Fish Audio       Virtual Analog Vol. 1        [AKAI]     link    4CD-Set
(Waldorf Q, Yamaha AN1X, Clavia NordLead & Novation Nova excellent multisampled sound patches!)
[SUPER HIT]             Submersible Drumcore v1.5            rus info   link    3DVD-Set
      [SFX]       Sound Ideas Series 12000  -   Anchors Away        link    15CD-Set
(The Series 12,000 Anchors Away Sound Effects Library - Sound FX 48KHz/WAV/16bits , good collection  of 40 different small boats, personal watercraft, racing, fishing and excursion vessels!)
[sample]  Big Fish Audio  Hard Tracks For Cinema Apple Loops   [AIFF/Apple Loops]   link  1DVD
(tough Breakbeat, Electro, Big Beat, Nu School Breaks, Hardcore, Nu Metal and Experimental beats)
[SUPER HIT]         Pro Tools 7.0 LE     PC users, serial   donload неrе    +   e-book        1CD
Pro tools Overdrive!  (Ebook 2005 PDF )
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]    Garritan    Jazz & Big Band 
   (VSTi,DXi,AU,RTAS,Mac/PC)   link  1DVD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]    Sampletekk    The Big One      24bit    [multiformat]
     link   3DVD-Set
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]    Zero-G    Vocal Forge   
 (VST2.0,DXi,ASIO,AU,RTAS,Mac/PC)     link   1DVD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample] 
    Post Audio Media -  Post.Piano Suite Vol.1    [GIG]      link   2CD-Set
(an 8 velocity sampled concert grand as well as several other orchestral instruments.)
[audioappz]    Protools   M-Powered   incl serial Full Works  
 ISO+Keygen+Manual   1CD
(protools m-powered, protools 6.7, diogo santos crack, and instructions works)
[VSTi]    MAC/PC       Camel Audio   Cameleon 5000     
 rus link    link   1CD
[SFX]       [sample] 
    Platinum Sounds For The 21st Century Electricity       CDDA      link   1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample] 
    Precision Sounds  Dusty Electric   MkII      [Halion,Kontakt,WAV]    link 1CD
(24-bit multilayered Rhodes patch)

[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]    Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition + crack + H2O update      1CD
     Full  Collection    Databecker Sound Clips 12000     ACID/WAV    link    10CD-Set
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.1  Techno
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.2  House
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.3  Hiphop
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.4  Dance
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.5  RockPop
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.6  Klassik.WAV
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.7  World.NewAge.
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.8  Vocals
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.9  Special.Effects.WAV
[sample]      Databecker  Sound Clips 12000 Vol.10 Multimedia.WAV
[sample]      Electronisounds    Junebugs Mad Beats        REX/ ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Monsta Tronic Vol.1                 ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Poison Sounds                          ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Super Pads and Textures           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Supreme Sounds                       ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Serious Electro                          ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Jungle Explosion                        ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Groove A.Liptic                        ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Greatest Beatz                           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Evolved Beatworks                   ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Electro Synthbox                        ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Elastic Drum And Bass              ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Dub N Trance                           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Da Funky Style                         ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Breakbeat Explosion                 ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Ambient Dreams                       ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds     Technomania Vol.1                  ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds     Technomania Vol.2                  ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds     Technomania Vol.3                  ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Trance Explosion Vol.1              ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      Electronisounds    Trance Explosion Vol.2             ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]      Notre Dame de Budapest - Symphonic Organ     GIG3    link     1DVD
(NDB Symphonic.Organs included in GS3 retail (Request))
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]      History Of House    Vol.38,39,40   ACID/ WAV/ EXS24   1CD
Exs38-40.History.Of.House.HYBRID-MoKuM. Exs 24 samples + maps - nfo provided thanks to PeXS in comments
[sample]      Jungle Live Drumming1     link     1CD
[sample]      Jungle Live Drumming2     link     1CD
(audio from the instructional drum set book"Jungle Drum N Bass" by Johhny Rabb)
[sample]      Big Fish Audio    Loopmasters Electro Breaks   [multiformat]    link     1CD
Electro Breaks is the freshest collection of samples for Breakbeat, Electro and Breaks producers worldwide. A serious production tool for people looking for a truly inspirational collection of samples
[sample]      Acid   Euro Techno              ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]      The FM Encyclopedia DX7     24bit  FM for GIG3       1CD
[audioappz]    SONY  Vegas 6       FULL ISO     link   rus info  1CD
(Audio and Video editing software + keygen)
[audioappz]    Digidesign   ProTools  HD 7        PC/MAC     link      1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]      Big Fish Audio     First Call Horns     GIG    link   1DVD
[sample]      Midi Mark   Vocal Bytes 2        Audio/Wav    link     1CD
Killer vocals male & female + vocoders & talk boxes
[sample]      AMG    Sonic O Tool 2      Refill   Reason       link     1CD
[sample]      ProSamples Vol.28 - Vocal House powered by Mousse T     aiff/wav/exs24   link  1CD 
[sample]      Sony Media  Drums From The Big Room  -   Rock Drums       ACID/WAV  link  1CD 
[sample]      Big Fish   Dub Basis                              ACID/WAV    link     1CD 
[sample]      Big Fish   Megaton Housebomb           ACID/WAV    link     2CD-Set
[audioappz]    Magix Audio Cleaning Lab  ver.10 Deluxe     FULL ISO    link     1CD 
лучшая программа для реставрации, редакции, конвертации записи
[SFX]       Sound Ideas Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library    CDDA  SFX   link 5CD
Sound Ideas 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library - 4001 Cartoon
Sound Ideas 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library - 4002 Cartoon
Sound Ideas 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library - 4003 Cartoon
Sound Ideas 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library - 4004 Music
Sound Ideas 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library - 4005 Music

[sample]      M-Audio Hella Bumps Disc 3:  West Coast Concepts Leecher            link     1CD
ProSessions Vol.48 Hella Bumps 3
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]           Ethno World 3                                        GIG       link     1DVD
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]      The Waldorf Club Edition   Reason Refill ISO 24bit/96kHz     1DVD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Uberschall   Liquid  Instrument  Electric  Bass            link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Zero-G     Nostalgia                   link       1 DVD
[VSTi]       Art Vista  Virtual Grand Piano                PC/MAC      link   1 DVD
[VSTi]       Best Service    Galaxy Steinway 5.1 UPDATE             link       1 DVD
Xsample Set 01-09, Xsample Set 10-12, Xsample Set Strings
     GIG    link   13CD-Set
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD1
(rhodes mark I 88, wurlitzer electric piano, e-bass)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD2
(alto saxophone, bass flute, 8 string guitar)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD3
(french horn, trumpet, trombone)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD4
(vibraphone, marimbaphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, crotales, steeldrum)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD5
(solo strings: violin, viola, violoncello, double bass)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD6
(oboe, english horn, bassoon, contra bassoon)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD7
(oboe d’amore, violoncello, spinet, klavichord, kalimba)
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD8
(concert harp, psalter, celesta, klavicymbel )
[sample]      Best Service   Xsample    Gigastudio instr CD9
(bongos, conga, frictiondrums, watergong, talkdrum, muted cymbals, stringed cymbals, pasteboard rattle, rainmaker, scratcher, tamtam, wood chimes, various percussion, drumset, amp & disc noise)
Xsampe Library Upgrade (only GIG 2)
[sample]      Best Service   XSample Vol.10 Solo Strings II
[sample]      Best Service   XSample Vol.11 Solostrings III
[sample]      Best Service   XSample Vol.12 Woodwinds II
[sample]      Best Service   XSample Vol.13 Woodwinds III
[SUPER HIT]  [e-Book]     CSi     Reason 3 Master    Video Tutotials                link     1CD
(toturial video from the group at csi this is just the movies for reasons 3 a great learning tool for all the experienced users that might learn a little bit more enjoy and have fun)
[sample]      Ethno Techno - S.A.G.E. Xpander        RMX         link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Native Instruments B4 II v2.0.0.7                      link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Steinberg Groove Agent 2                                  link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Steinberg Hypersonic Modules XXL                  link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Steinberg Virtual Bassist                                    link     1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Steinberg The Grand 2         link      ISO   1DVD
[audioappz]        Steinberg Nuendo v3.1.1.944 -H2O        FREE  FTP
(Top of the line Steinberg Sequencer. but if you didn't know that, read my Cubase description)
[audioappz]        Steinberg Cubase SX v3.1.1.944 -H2O      FREE  FTP
(if you don't know what this is, your a fucking moron...and don't deserve to download it )
[e-Book]      Computer Music Winter 2005       FREE  FTP
[audioappz]        Native Instruments Komplete 3  -  4 DVD
[audioappz]        Ableton Live v5.02   MAC/PC    2 CD
      Native Instruments B4 II                link     1CD
[VSTi]       Best Service  -   Latin World -     link     1DVD
      [SFX]       - EUROsPHERE -       Wav     link     15CD-Set
EUROsPHERE CD  1   Short Environment - Samples
EUROsPHERE CD  2   City Sounds
EUROsPHERE CD  3   Sounds from Outdoors
EUROsPHERE CD  4   Traffic I
EUROsPHERE CD  5   Factory & Construction Sounds
EUROsPHERE CD  6   People I (outdoors)
EUROsPHERE CD  7   People II (indoors)
EUROsPHERE CD  8   Traffic II
EUROsPHERE CD  9   Country Sounds
EUROsPHERE CD 10   Environment sounds / long
EUROsPHERE CD 11   Means of transportation (var. cities)
EUROsPHERE CD 12   Air Travel
EUROsPHERE CD 13   Natural Forces / Animals
EUROsPHERE CD 14   People (indoors) and Sports
EUROsPHERE CD 15   Work / Telecommunications / Shots
[sample]      Best Service   -   Pro Samples Vol.52 WORLD INSTRUMENTS 2     link     1CD
cool etno loops - Aiff/Exs24/Halion/wav - iso format
      GODIN ARTISAN                             link     GIG      1CD
      Big Fish Audio  -  Percussionism  -      NNXT Rex2 Wav       link     1CD
an awesome collection of looped and single hit percussion sounds from all over the world.
[SUPER HIT]  [e-Book]      Kiq productions  -   Total recording  -  Book  + Wav       link     1CD
(The author of "Golden Ears")
[SFX]       The Series 5000 Wheels Sound Effects Library       link        12 CD
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5001 Dodge Omni
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5002 Ford Tempo
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5003 Chrysler Le Baron
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5004 Buick LaSabre
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5005 Cadillac - Sedan de Ville
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5006 Mercedes Benz
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5007 Toyota Corolla
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5008 Ford Mustang GT
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5009 Porsche 930 Turbo
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5010 Hot Rod
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5011 Alfa Romeo Spider
Sound Ideas 5000 Wheels: 5012 Jeep 4x4

      ZERO-G      TechnoTrance                               link    AKAI      1CD
(Trance and Techno samples)
      Spectrasonics   -  Bass Legends   NRG  Vol.1,2       link    AKAI      2CD-Set
      Kickin Lunatic Beats 1   Vol.1,2                                link    AKAI      2CD-Set
[SFX]       The Series 9000 Open & Close Sound Effects Library       link      info    12 CD-Set
      GMedia    Trance & Epic House      ACID/WAV/MIDI    link     1CD
(Great sample CD with loops single hits and MIDI)
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]       Hartmann Neuron VS v1.0       link       info rus    FULL ISO   1CD+1DVD
[SFX]       Sound Ideas   The Series 3000 Ambience I Sound Effects Library       link    12 CD-Set 
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3001 City Atmospheres
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3002 Parks, Construction, Harbors
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3003 Jungles, Swamps, Mountains, Deserts, Forests
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3004 Country & Residential
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3005 Highways & Airports
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3006 Outdoor Crowds
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3007 Outdoor Crowds
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3009 Indoor Crowds
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3009 Indoor Crowds
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3010 Restaurants, Bars, Offices
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3011 European Ambiences
Sound Ideas Series 3000 Ambience I    3012 Room Tones
[SUPER HIT]  [VSTi]     Sound Burst  Northmood v1.0          link     2DVD-Set 
[MAC]       Sound Burst Ethnosphere v1.1  new version  FULL ISO   1CD
(New sounds, new presets, new samples and shell)
[SFX]         Audio CD SFX:   101 Digital Sound Effects      -   FULL SERIES !   -   5 CD-Set
101 Digital Sound Effects: Planes, Trains And Automobiles"
101 Digital Sound Effects: Hilarious Comical Effects                                    link
101 Digital Sound Effects: Machines of war
101 Digital Sound Effects: Sounds Of Horror
101 Digital Sound Effects: Sounds Of Nature
[SUPER HIT]  [audioappz]        Sibelius 4         MAC/PC    ISO     link    link2    1CD
[SUPER HIT]  [audioappz]       Sound Burst   Ethnosphere  VSTi  v1.1  new version  FULL ISO   1CD
(New sounds, new presets, new samples and shell)
      SampleHeads  -  The Will Lee   Bass Library  Vol.1,2       link    AKAI      2CD-Set
(this is the audio version has will loops, harmonics, drops, thumbs, pulls,etc)
[audioappz]       Cakewalk   Kinetic  -  TDA         1CD
(Cakewalk Kinetic, Dance and Hip Hop producer and do much more!)
[sample]      VintAudio   Upright Piano Collection       GIG
(Very good Upright piano, not just another Grand, very good for rock n roll & Blues for Kontakt,Gigastudio, Halion and EXS24)
[sample]      Ueberschall     Brazil Electro      ACID/WAV    link     1CD 
(Drum loops, brass, bass, guitar, FX, kicks, snares and more)
[sample]      AMG   Global Trance Mission Vol.1                AKAI      1CD
[sample]      AMG   Global Trance Mission Vol.2                AKAI      1CD
(Sample CD of old analogue gear containing: synth sounds, encompassing basslines, acid riffs, pads, sweeps and a range of sound effects. For use in dance and ambient traxx. Disk 1 of 2.)
[sample]      The electro Jazz   Retro Funk            Refill            link       1CD
(cool sounds to have some "nu jazz" feelings - includes loops and kits)
[sample]      Best Service     Pure Drums                 AKAI      1CD
(Great Drums Collection)
[SUPER HIT]  [sample]      Zero-G     deep House   dh v2.0     ACID/WAV    link     1CD 
'deep house v2.0' offers around 1000 of the newest, freshest breaks, loops and samples for your music.
[sample]      [REASON REFILL]    Zero-G    Total Chillout            link       1CD
(cool synth sounds, awesome ambiant stuff)
[sample]      East West    -  Synth Twirls  -            link    AKAI      1CD
(Nice atmos Synth etc !)
[sample]      Roland   JD-800   WaveForm                AKAI      1CD
[VSTi]     Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition CDISO (UNCRACKED)       1CD
New Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition (incl. M1, Wavestation 1.5 & MDE-X) CD-ISO Image -UNCRACKED-
[sample]      Uebershall    8 bit                                       AKAI      1CD
    Uebershall    Jam Box   By Mousse T         AKAI      1CD
(Classic Uebershall AKAI Rom from Famous House Producer Mousse T. Imaged with Toast 7)
    Keith Hillebrandt  Useful Noise Vol.2        AiFF EXS24 REX2    link   1CD
(The sounds range from moody atmospheres to hard, nasty drums - unique rhythmic loops to complex, evolving musical tones. A stunning array of ambience, texture, dissonance, )
[sample]      Yannick Chevalier Audio Pro Sound Effects  AP8 Crowds, Industry    CDDA  link   1CD
(Atmospheric organic sounds, 2 - 3 min clips of Birdsong, People, Footsteps, industry, machines.)
    Extended Classical Choir by Peter Siedlaczek      GIGA /Halion compatible  link  2CD-Set
    Big Fish Audio   Street Stylin           Aiff Apple Loops     link     1CD
(Street Stylin is an old/nu school beat feast with some funky flavors n bass, key, guitars and FX sections...)
[MAC]       [sample] 
    WORLD PACK FOR GARAGEBAND       AIFF     link      2DVD-Set
Hot Product! ANOTHER 9,000 SAMPLES! "World Pack For GarageBand", together with "Pro Pack", "Dance Pack 1" and "Dance Pack 2" are the 1st Choice libraries for users of Apple's GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express & Final Cut Pro!
    Reason Refill   -   Korg  Trinity Pro   -    NN-XT       Refill     1CD
    Reason Refill   -   800 Pads   -   NN-XT       Refill     1CD
    Reason Refill   -   Voices Of The Apocalypse   -    Womens Choir       Refill     1CD
    East West     -   Hypnotica   -      CDDA    link     1CD
From the creators of Technophobia! and Tekno/Industrial, Greg Hawkes and Perry Geyer - HYPNOTICA is loaded with fresh sounding cutting edge textures, trance and ambient loops, FX, Mind blowing Sweeps, Galactic Noises, Hypnotic sequences and magical sounds for your next rave.
[VSTi]     Wusik.com    WusikStation    VSTi    v2.1.4        ISO     link     1CD
(Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts)
[audioappz]   Cakewalk Project 5 ver.2 + 2.01 update + tweak tool voor the dimension synth     1CD
( Project 5v2 + 2.01 update + tweak tool voor the dimension synth !!(WITHOUT THE DIMENSION SYNTH SOUND FOLDER))
[e-Book]      Melodyne Experience Tour     Video Tutorial
    link     1CD
Contains Experience Tour movie which shows an interesting subset of Melodyne's capabilities. Highly recommended stuff.
    Zero-G    Datafile 3 Sample Collection     CDDA     link     3CD-Set
Classic sample Library - Percussion Vocals Stabs Loops
    Stefan Langner Library 24Bit Bass Guitars           EXS/HALion/...       link     1CD
    Sony   Slow Silhouette  James Johnson     CD1      ACID/WAV    link     1CD    
    Sony   Slow Silhouette  James Johnson     CD2      ACID/WAV    link     1CD
(acid loops from Sony)
    SampleLab    Spatial Awareness Samples        ACID/WAV        1CD
Abstract breakz and tripped-out takes
    Sampletekk  Tubed Keys MKI Seventy - Three     Multiformat.    link      1DVD
An impressive Rhodes sample collection - multiformat (Giga, Kontakt, Halion)
    Power FX    Nu Jazz House          ACID/WAV    link     1CD
Authentic acoustic & electric instrument samples!
[sample]      Bestservice  -   Percumania  -        ACID/WAV    link     1CD
One of the best percussion sample cd's ever released, arranged by bpm 
9000 songs & Arrangement for " Band in a box " + The New Real Book for Band        FREE     HERE
(More then 9000 Band in a box songsfor both platforms, ALL Jazz STNDRS, Karaoke songs w lyrics, Learnig exercises and 1000?s of licks and Chord progressions, Great Practicing tool!!)
[VSTi]     Band in a Box Mac and PC   and more than 5000 songs         ISO      1CD
(The best play along soft, w all jazz stds, karaoke, and more)
+ bonus 9000 songs & Arrangement for
 [smpl] Project Sam Sam Solo Sessions 24Bit GS3 GIG/HAL2/Kont2/EXS24mkII  link 1DVD
(SAM Orchestral Brass consists of the most respected symphonic brass sample libraries on the market: SAM Solo Sessions, Trumpets, Trombones and Horns. Recorded in a beautiful concert hall covering Fren)
    [VSTi]   NI   Akoustik Piano   [VSTi.DXi.RTAS.AU.HYBRID]  link  FULL  ISO  4DVD-Set
Description: http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?id=akoustikpiano_us&ftu=3971d34e03
  NI   Akoustik Piano   DVD 1 Installer and Samples Boesendorfer 290 Imperial
  NI   Akoustik Piano   DVD 2 Steinway D Concert Grand
  NI   Akoustik Piano   DVD 3 Bechstein D 280  
  NI   Akoustik Piano
  DVD 4 Steingraeber 130 (upright)

  MIDIfiles Collection PRO 3 new ! (the biggest collection, over 15,000 MIDIs)         1DVD
[e-Book]      SWA - Mastering with iZotope Ozone avi
    Tutorial Videos     link     1CD
Gives you great tips on mastering with the ozone plug-in and on mastering in general
    Big Fish Audio   -  Big Beat Megaton Bomb 4  -    CDDA  link  link  2CD-Set
Big Fish Audio  -  Titanium Rhythms 2          link       CDDA    1CD
1,000 Distortion loops, textures,effects, etc...
[sample]     Sony Media Software  -   Esoterik Beats         ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[sample]     Sony Media Software  -  New Roots Reggae         ACID/WAV    link
[sample]     Ueberschall    Drum n Bass  Fast Forward          ACID/WAV    link     1CD
[SUPER HITs]   [e-Book]     Spectrasonics Stylus
1.5 RMX   Tutorial Videos        1DVD
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX   ver.1.5 updater WIN           FREE     HERE
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX   ver.1.5 updater OSX
Mutekki Media  FX Samples   FX.Pearls  Vol.01      WAV/ EXS-24   PC/MAC   link   1CD
(FX Pearls offers well over 300 high-grade and royalty free effects)
[SUPER HITs]   [SFX]      Hollywood Edge  3DSFX Series      FULL  Series   [CDDA]
  link   6 CD-Set
Essential Jazz Lines   -   Charlie Parker  -  (Guitar Edition)        1CD
[sample]     AMG :     Vince Clark    -  Lucky Bastard  -      CDDA/WAV/AiFF/REX      1CD
[sample]     Sony Loops & Samples Libraries  Sci-Fi  Tribal     [Sci-Fi Tribal Effects (wav)]    link   1CD
Pure Tabla      [multiformat]        link     1CD
(Samples from Zero-G - Indian Tabla loops [exs 24-Aiff-Rex 2-Wav] see Comments & Forum )
Jade Hill   RockPop  Guitars  ACID Loop           ACID/WAV    link     1CD
Jeff  Baxter    -  Skunksworks  -           ACID/WAV
Guitar loops from legendary Steely Dan guitarist JEFF "SKUNK" BAXTER, ACID format WAV
Muraya  Refill   Collectioin    Vol.1-5        [Reason]    1CD
Complete set of Reason Refills. A lot of great sounds.
Bigfishaudio    G-Force Drums            ACID/WAV    link     1CD
Zero-G    Total House               WAV     PC/MAC       link     1CD
[SUPER HITs]   Image Line  FL Studio v5.0.0 XXL   Producer Edition   FULL ISO version !!!
[sample]     Discrete Drums Series III Earth Beat Pro Set              AUDIO      link        1CD
[sample]     Discrete Drums Series III Earth Beat Pro Set               WAV        link        1CD
[sample]     Discrete Drums Series III Earth Beat Pro Set   24bit    WAV        link        1CD
[sample]     Discrete Drums Series III Earth Beat Pro Set               MULTITRACK        link     5 CD
Hardsoundz  Xtreme Vol.4    Drums          ACID/WAV      link     1CD
(Hardsoundz Xtreme DRUMS is a monster drum and percussion library comprised of over 1600 ready-to-use sample)
[sample]     Hardsoundz  Xtreme Vol.3   Bass              ACID/WAV      link     1CD
(Hardsounds Xtreme Bass is a collection of over 500 bass samples)
[sample]     Hardsoundz  Xtreme Vol.2   Pads              ACID/WAV      link     1CD
(HardSoundz Xtreme PADS contains 620 megabytes of rich and complex stereo pads)
[sample]     Hardsoundz  Xtreme Vol.1   Synths           ACID/WAV      link     1CD
(HardSoundz Xtreme SYNTHS is a collection of over 700 digital synthesizer samples.)
[sample]    P5 Audio.Com   Rhode Rage Loops   Vol.1               [multiformat]    link        1CD
[sample]    Zero-G     Jungle Warfare   for Reason   (ReFills / Vols.1, 2, 3)         link  3CD-Set
JUNGLE WARFARE! 1600+ DrREX Loops, 1000+ patches/samples for NN19/NNXT, 1.6 Gb of Drum+Bass xtc.
Cakewalk Sonar v5.0   Producer Edition               ISO          1 DVD
[sample]     Acapella - heaven.com       (акапеллы в mp3, много)      ISO    1CD
[SFX]         Universal Studios  SFX          CDDA          link        5DVD-Set
[e-Book]      Cubase SX/SL  Mixing & Mastering  Supplement CD - Craig Anderton        1CD
(Good mixing & Mastering techniques & tutorials from Craig Anderton)
[sample]     Hobby Horse Productions   Drums on Demand Vol.1     24bit      ACID/WAV    link   1CD
[sample]     Hobby Horse Productions   Drums on Demand Vol.2     24bit      ACID/WAV    link   1CD
[sample]     Hobby Horse Productions   Drums on Demand Vol 3
     24bit      ACID/WAV    link   2CD
[sample]     Hobby Horse Productions   Drums on Demand Vol.4     24bit      ACID/WAV    link   1CD
[sample]     Image Line Sample   Fusion Dream Pads           link     1CD
[sample]     Ueberschall Overdub House + Acid Jazz          CDDA/WAV      link     1CD
DJ tested Samples, Adlibs, Drum + Percussionloops, Guitar Licks, Drum- + Percussionsamples, Brass Hits, Sax Licks, Breakbeats, Chords, Trumpet Licks, Strings, Breaks + Short Tones.
[e-Book]      Guitar (Book + CD)    101 Jazz guitar licks   - Alan deMause
     ISO    1CD
(This is intermediate to advance stuff i think.)
[sample]    Stefan Langner  Library  24Bit   Bass Guitars        EXS/HALion
     ISO     1CD
[sample]    The G-Town - Church Sampling Project      Giga/Kontakt/HALion
     ISO    1CD
[sample]    Big Fish Audio      Greg Adams' Big Band Brass  
      link        1DVD
This DVD-ROM contains thousands of loops and samples from Greg's big band arrangements, recorded with the Greg Adams Jazz Orchestra and featuring a 14 piece horn section
[sample]    Big Fish Audio     POD  
      link        1DVD
Acidized buzzes, beeps, blips, rhythms, rumbles and robots samples from BigFish.
[sample]    Big Fish Audio    Electro Magnetic Pulse         Wav/Rex2
       link        2CD
[sample]    FXpansion  BFD 8 Bit Kit Expansion Pack
         link        3DVD-Set
[sample]    P5 Audio.com
    Extreme FX                                 [multiformat]    link        1CD
[sample]    P5 Audio.com    Vinyl Scratch Master Kit              [multiformat]    link        1CD
[sample]    Big Fish Audio   Dub Basis                                                
link        1CD
[sample]    Big Fish Audio   Loopmasters  DownBeat & Leftfield 
        link        1CD
(Downbeat & Leftfield is the type of CD that you open at Dusk and donOt put down until Dawn. This CD is packed with inspiration for all of those producers looking to mix hip hop and Drum and Bass, Jazz)
[SFX]       The Disney    Ideas   Sound FX Collection    
WAV   +  Manual      ISO     1CD
the sound tracks of Disney world
[VSTi]   NI   Komplete 2   -  Disc 2              PC/MAC       1 DVD
(Komplete 2, as requested. This is the full mac & pc rar'd iso disc 2.)
[e-Book]      Symphonic Choirs   -  Videos Tutorial
        1CD      link
[sample]    Hardsoundz Coldwave Developer Kit  loops oneshots 
  ACID/WAV  ISO  2CD-Set  link
(Hardsoundz Coldwave Developers's Kit for producers of industrial, heavy electronica, digital hardcore and related styles of music.)
[sample]    Neftalis Street-Funk Drumgrooves-Neftalis Santiago  
       ACID/WAV   ISO     1CD
(Rare Sample CD of DrumGrooves by legend Mandrill drummer)
[sample]    Sony Acid     Extremely Abrasive Synths
        PC/MAC   ACID/WAV   ISO     1CD

[SFX]       Hollywood Edge    3DSFX  Series                                      CDDA
     6CD-Set     link
[SFX]       Sound Ideas   Rocky Bullwinkle & Friends SFX               CDDA
     3CD-Set     link
outstanding collection of sound clips from one of television's best-loved classic cartoon shows.
[SFX]       Sound Ideas   The XV Sound Effects Series                      CDDA
   15CD-Set     link


CamelAudio CamelPhat 3 VST V3.10
The Palette Melody Composing Tool v4.0.1 incl KeyGen -BEAT 09.23.05м
Waldorf Attack VSTi v1.2.1 + sound banks
Garritan Orchestral strings index and tools
FabFilter One VSTi v3.02
LinPlug Cronox VSTi v3.03-PLZ.zip
Symphonic Choirs 109 U_Win_Setup
Korg.Wavestation.Legacy-Wave.Soundsets-BestSpec 09.20.05

    Biolabs Absynth Research Sounds library  [Absynth3]
     link        1CD
    P5 Audio.Com
   Rhode Rage Licks   Vol.1               [multiformat]    link        1CD
[sample]    P5 Audio.Com   Rhode Rage Licks   Vol.2
              [multiformat]    link        1CD
P5 Audio.Com   Blazin Guitar Loops 2  Electric        [multiformat]    link        1CD
[sample]    P5 Audio.Com   Blazin Guitar Loops 1  Acoustic      [multiformat]    link        1CD
[SUPER HITs]    Bardstown  Bosendorfer   Imperial  Grand  24bit      link     24bit      4CD-Set
[ EXS24 / HALion / Kontakt / Proper  - Bosendorfer Imperial Grand from Bardstown Audio ]
Sony    -  Trance  NRG 2  -      link     ACID/WAV   1CD
(trance loop by Peace/Love Productions.)
[sample]    Zero-G    Old School Flavors 3 Super Funk         link       CDDA
[SUPER HITs]    [sample]      ArtVista   Malmsjo Acoustic Grand       link      Kontakt       1DVD
(Malmsjo Acoustic Grand Piano (Kontakt))
[SUPER HITs]    [sample]      Zero-G   Akoustik Bass Hitz       link     Kontakt/REX/WAV    1DVD
This is not your average acoustic bass sample collection! In addition to the Jazz tip that Chip is famous for, there are around 500 individual bass lix and full band construction kits on this DVD, in
[SUPER HITs]    
link                                    All loops & sounds have been recorded in 24-bit resolution
[sample]    Nine Volt Audio  Chopped Guitars                   24b Wav.Acid.Rex.Refill.RMX
  link  1DVD
[sample]    Nine Volt Audio  Downtempo Guitars  Vol.1   24b Wav.Acid.Rex.Refill.RMX   link  1DVD
[sample]    Nine Volt Audio  Downtempo Guitars  Vol.2   24b Wav.Acid.Rex.Refill.RMX   link  1DVD
[sample]    Ueberschall       -   Eurodance   -         link      CDDA   2CD-Set
[sample]    Big Fish Audio   Ghetto Grooves  Vol.1       link      ACID/WAV   1CD
[sample]    Big Fish Audio   Ghetto Grooves  Vol.2       link      ACID/WAV   1CD
(This bangin' sequel gets you hyped up with slammin' construction kits... then a blazin' hot selection of Bass and Synths samples. To top it off, we hit you with a bunch of Kicks, Snares and Hats.)
[sample]    M-Audio    Pro Sessions .Vol.34  da.Joints         ACiD/AiFF/REX2
    PC/MAC   1CD
[sample]    WIZOO    Bit Beats  -  The XXL Compilation     Kontakt, Battery, LM-4   ISO    1 CD
(a collection of beats sounds by WIZOO for LM 4, work with kontakt and battery )
[sample]    Wizoo -  Platinum  24  ElectronicDrums     AKAI      1 CD
(Great Roland tr-808 and tr-909 sample library)
[sample]    Orchestral String Library from Peter Garritan       
link     GIG   ISO     16 CD-Set
[VSTi]     Uberschall  Liquid Instrument Saxophone      PC/MAC  link  ISO 1DVD
[SUPER HIT]      MAC/PC    NEW   SOFT      сборный     DVD2 
(весь новый варезный софт за последние 3 месяца, 4.5 gb)
[sample]     Lapjockey  Flatpack  v.2.    Reason  Refill    
  ISO     link    1CD
[sample]     Image Line Sample   Fusion Amped           PC/MAC   ACID/WAV   ISO     1CD
(over 1800 guitar riffs/effects/licks/rhythms )
[sample]     Image Line Sample   Fusion Bass Case      PC/MAC   ACID/WAV   ISO     1CD
(floor trembling, multi-sampled bass synths and bass guitars)
[SUPER HIT]   [sample]     Big Fish Audio          -   Hip Hop High  -
         multiformat    link    1DVD
[SUPER HIT]   [sample]     Big Fish Audio      -  Hip Hop Philosophy  -     multiformat     link    1DVD
[sample]     Big Fish Audio    -  Hip Hop Progressions  -
   multiformat     link    1CD
[sample]     Weird  Funk  Loops  LOOZA 
       / WAV   ISO     1CD
(Funky loops with their elements)
[sample]     Ueberschall    Drumskills
     PC/MAC   ACID/WAV   ISO     link    2CD-Set
styles (R'n'B, funk, soul, hip hop, drum'n'bass, latin, bossa, samba, jazz and rare groove), made to satisfy you. soft with brushes through to heavy pounding. tons of grooves, patterns, phrases, breaks & beats of the highest quality.
[SUPER HIT]   [sample]     Drumcore   Slypack1   (Reggae Drummer)
       PC/MAC    link     ISO    1DVD
More Drums from Sly Dunbar the great Reggae Drummer
[SUPER HIT]   [e-Book]    Truefire.Com   -  David Hamburgers Blues Alchemy
      link    4CD-Set
(More goodies for the blues guitar slingers - 4-CD set of 80 interactive video lessons & bonus tracks cd. Dig it!!)

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